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June 30,  2018

Submission Deadline


June 24,  2018
Author notificationwithin 2 weeks
Final versionJuly 31. 2018
RegistrationJuly 31. 2018
Main conferenceOct. 26-28, 2018   


Prof. Guoqian ChenDr. Mouloud Denai

2017 Best Paper


China University of Petroleum, China


Seul-Ki Stella Park

Pusan National University,South Korea


Byung Jae Kim

Mokpo National Maritime University, Republic of Korea


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Topic of interest, but not limited to:

Green Energy Production and Logistic

Offshore oil and Gas Production Facilities

Green Engineering and Technology for Shore Facilities
(Terminal / Control System / High Voltage / Air Conditioning System )

Green Technology Development in Ship and Engineering

Green Coal Transportation and Logistics

Renewable Energy

Innovative Ship and Engineering Design

Research, Development, Technology Development for New Energy Ship and Engineering

LNG and Electrically Driven Vessels

Innovative Design in Shipping and Engineering Facility

Ship Design for LNG, Chemical and Dangerous Goods

Floating Storage Re-gasification Unit

Shipping Policy, Shipping and Engineering Management and Safety

Port Engineering and Management

Operation and Management in Shipping and Engineering

Law and Arbitration

Current Practice and Development of International Regulation

Development of Shipping and Shipbuilding Industry

Shipping and Engineering Systems amongst Pan Asian Countries

Sustainability, Safety and Education in Shipping and Engineering

Advanced Information Technology Applications in Shipping and Engineering

Education & Training

Safety and Environment Protection

Naval Architecture, Marine Design and Shipbuilding Engineering

Container handling

Contract Management for Ship Construction, Repair and Design

Corrosion and coating technology

Current, future regulation and classification

Design and Operation of Passenger Ships

Design and construction of all ship types

Design and Operation of Container Ships

Design visualisation

Emergency response, LSA and MES

Energy Efficiency

Environmental impact and technology innovation

Ergonomics and domotics

Fabrication and welding technology

Feeder vessels

Hazardous cargoes


Implementation of regulations

Interior design, leisure facilities and hotel features

Lashing loads

Marine Design

Material developments; steels, alloys, composites

Naval Architects

Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture


Powering and propulsion

Project management


Quality assurance


Sea keeping


Sustainability in construction

Sustainability in operation

System integration

Technological Innovations in Shipbuilding

Virtual work/learning environments

Naval engineering (naval architecture)

Advanced naval engineering

Naval engineering, current and common applications

Hydrostatics, hydrodynamics, structures and arrangements

Ship design and naval engineering

Design engineering

Ship technology

Ship manufacturing

Shipyard support

Ship design process

Wind tunnel, scaled model, or full scale validation

Ship design guidance for effective ship aerodynamic interface

Operational performance considerations

Safety advantages and disadvantages of vehicles

Innovative system designs

Operational risks and mitigation strategies

Autonomous and/or automated systems

Modeling and simulation for engineering design, operational analyses and training

Safety, human systems integration and training

Manned and unmanned vehicle operations

Future research and development requirements

Vessel design

Machinery & Control



Small & Pleasure Crafts


Ship Resistance

Noise and Vibration

Ship Manoeuvring



Offshore Energy

Underwater Acoustics

Safety of Marine Systems

Marine Environment

Defence & Security

Legal/Social Aspects


Marine Environmental Protection




Multimodal Transport and Logistics

Ship Mechanics (Fluid/Structural Mechanics)

Ship Designing and Building

Ship Power Plant

Ship Automation

Ship Repair/Maintenance

Shipbuilding Materials/Techniques

Marine Auxiliaries

Marine Electrical/Electronics

Marine Engineering

Coastal Engineering

Offshore Engineering

Deep Ocean Engineering

Port and Waterway Engineering

Underwater Acoustic (UWA)/Hydroacoustic Engineering

Maritime Engineering

Marine Navigation

Marine Communications and Technology

Marine Standards and Specifications

Marine Resource Exploitation and Utilization

Marine Environmental Protection/Engineering

Marine Economy / Maritime Economics